As DOUBLE OR NOTHING we don't follow any hype or commercial superficiality, we base our focus simply on building relationships with everyone we meet and aim to enhance the coffee experience.

We only source high quality coffee beans from farm and only roast small batches sacrificing volume output to enhance the cleanliness, character and sweetness in the cup.

Highlighting the work of the coffee farm and its crops from around the world.


We've coined ourselves Coffee Alchymists because everything we do is based on the perfect balance of science and art.

The what and how we do it is based on a strict methodical process, which means the final product at its highest quality.

Because of this we have a found understanding of what it is to make better coffee and are more than happy to offer our time to help you improve your results.

A formalised course is coming but in the meantime, use our contact page to send us your questions and we'll be happy to answer.

We'll give you a little free info to get you started - You will want to work with better coffee for the best results ;)